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For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

3 King James' Birthday

This week marked the 400th anniversary of the best known English translation of the Bible: The King James Version of 1611.  This translation brought the Bible wholesale to English speaking people by building upon earlier English translations and continues to this day to be a best seller.

A recent poll of Americans conducted by Lifeway Research, uncovered some pretty interesting facts:
  1. 62%  of Americans own a KJV  Bible
  2. 82% of regular readers of the Bible own a KJV
  3. 76% those 55 yrs and older who own the KJV
  4. 67% those 35-54 yrs old who own the KJV
  5. 27% claim to have never read the KJV for themselves
  6. 89% of Americans own at least one Bible
  7. Women read the Bible more than men
  8. Southerners are more apt to consider the language  beautiful
What do you think? Which translation is your favorite and why?  Is one version more God inspired than another?


Amanda Daubenmeyer said...

I don't like the KJV because it's hard to understand, so I don't read it a whole lot. I do like the new AKJV because they made it easier to read. I like using because you can see the verses in the different translations. I use mostly NLT, NIV, and AMP. If the verse is questionable I look up the original Greek/hebrew meaning. I know there are a lot of accusations out there against different translation, so I don't only stick to one version.
Thanks for the comment you and your wife left on my blog. I pray things are looking up for you both.
Blessings:) said...

I am a big fan of the Amplified Bible. I use it the most. I like the language and it's in depth explanation of the translation of the original Hebrew and Greek. When I do an in-depth study I frequently use more than one translation- in fact I use at least three. The three I use the most the Amplified, the New Living Translation, and the New King James. I'm not a big fan of The Message but I know a lot of people who like it. I think debating over translations is silly and divisive. I don't think any one is more or less God inspired or ordained. I don't think believers can take on the task of translating the Word without seeking God's guidance. Language is tricky and I think it is a blessing that the Lord has provided us with so many translations that help us more fully understand His Word!

Luther@Living In Grace said...

I hardly ever read the KJV on a daily basis now but some of the research does hold true. I am a Southerner and I think the language is wonderful if archaic at times and although it is not my first choice many times when I quote passages it is from the KJV ( from my heathen youth spent listening to it ).

I do prefer the " word for word " translations such as the KJV, NKJV, and the NASB ( a favorite ) even though the reading is often clunkier as the translation is more difficult at times ( idioms and what not ).

I do not like The Message but I do use several online translation like the Holman, NLT, and Douay-Rheims ( hope I spelled that right ) though I am not sure if the latter is a translation or a version.

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